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Litigation lawyer turned aspiring web developer

Adopting Sinatra

Approaching my first portfolio project, I was slightly apprehensive, having never created something from conception to publication. Approaching my second, I was excited.

Learning *how* to learn

The initial part of this program was a steep learning curve but, as promised, I am learning how to learn.

Like a fine wine

The lead up..

Friends who make you laugh and pry

To begin with I did not like using ‘pry’. Why? In short, because I had no idea what I was doing. I felt safe within the confines of IRB (Interactive Ruby). Yes, there was a lot of copying and pasting involved, but I know how to copy and paste.

From courtroom to code

I graduated university with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Laws. Not quite sure which direction I wanted to head in, I spent 18 months working, travelling and volunteering overseas. Upon my return, I moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue a career in law.