Learning *how* to learn

Posted by remclay on March 1, 2018

The initial part of this program was a steep learning curve but, as promised, I am learning how to learn.

I approached this program in much the same way I did a class at university. My general work flow involved:

  • reading the content;
  • re-reading that content and taking notes;
  • tackling the practical exercises (test-driven labs); then
  • adding to or refining my notes to reflect any key learnings gained from the practical exercises.

Every few weeks, or whenever I felt the need, I would review my notes and revisit anything that hadn’t quite clicked.

Did it work? Absolutely. And for that initial part of the course, which contained a huge amount of new terminology, commands and new processes, it served me well. But as I’ve progressed through the course my approach to leaving has evolved.

I’m rarely taking notes any more, I no longer encounter the need to go back and review once a week. I still ask millions of questions (most of them directed at google), but I know what I’m asking and how to ask it.

Simply trying different things and re-running my tests / refreshing my browser, debugging, and consulting Stack Overflow are all second nature now. They are my first port of call, rather than consulting my notes or past lessons. It’s a great feeling.