From courtroom to code

Posted by remclay on November 30, 2017

I graduated university with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Laws. Not quite sure which direction I wanted to head in, I spent 18 months working, travelling and volunteering overseas. Upon my return, I moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue a career in law.

I loved being a litigation lawyer. I loved being in court, working within tight dead-lines, constantly learning about the law and about the various industries our clients operated within.

The legal industry is steeped in tradition – a fact which lends the industry much of its charm, but also means that it is relatively slow to embrace change. After a few years, I found myself wanting to be part of a more dynamic industry.

I hoped to find a profession that provided the same constant challenges and continued learning that I had experienced in commercial litigation, in an industry that was more responsive to change.

I was initially exposed to the tech industry through my partner, who works for a Sydney-based startup. For years, I’d had an abstract fascination with web development but had never written a line of code. As I began speaking to people in the industry and researching web development courses online, I realised just how many boxes it ticked!

Continued education seemed as though it would be a necessity, and I was assured I would be faced with challenges daily (even more often than I realised, as it turns out!).

So, I started learning to code after work and on weekends. I’m quite an all-or-nothing type of person and found this wasn’t enough. So I decided to bite the bullet. I resigned from my job and started coding full-time.

A few weeks into working through Flatiron’s Bootcamp Prep, I applied for the Flatiron Online Web Development Program and haven’t looked back!