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Litigation lawyer turned aspiring web developer


Take-a-hike is a basic CRUD web application for finding, adding, editing, deleting hiking trails. The app consists of a Rails API and a React/Redux front-end. Users can browse hikes, search via name or location and filter via difficulty level. Hikes can be created and edited without user sign in.

Passing data up and down the React component hierarchy

Generally speaking, the fewer components in your React app that maintain state, the better. As such, understanding how to pass data between the components that do maintain state and those that don’t is essential to building an efficient, reliable React app.

Making jQueries

My most recent portfolio project involved adding a jQuery front-end to my existing Rails app.

The framework for a perfect feast!


Branching out

I had been looking for an opportunity to peer-program but, to date, the timing just hadn’t quite lined up.